sabato 10 ottobre 2009

Relation Your Tiny Mind Lifelike & Tone Float Remixes (Urban Torque Recordings)

Hernan Cattaneo - “hey there 100! congratulations you ve done so wellafter all this years I’m proud to be one of those 100! this should be abig summer hit tone float mix for me”

Nick Warren - “tone float mix is superb”

Funk d’Void - “yeah this one hits all the right buttons, if there's any justice in the world this should go all the way..”

Tone Float Ep (Urban Torque Recordings)

Tone Float: ʻ Tone Floatʼ (UT096)

Tracking Report

Club Reactions:
Hernan Cattaneo - “club mix is very good”
Laurent Garnier - “original mix is great for my radio show and the remix for the floor. Another good
Nick Warren - “tone float club mix moves nicely”
Andy Leary (Relation) - “I'm incredibly impressed with this EP”
Tedd Patterson - “fantastic ep!!!”
DEMI (SOS) - “tone afloat - original mix, pick of the bunch - intensely emotive soundtrack vibe that
i'm digging more and more with each listen”
Onionz - “tone float club mix is hot! great feeling to this tune. im playin this”
dubble d/moodymanc - “...these are great sounding, soulful tracks!!!fabulous!”
Nuno dos Santos - “Tone float rocks my boat!!”
Master-H - “Tone Float original for me.....Thanks...)))”
Murray Richardson - “club mix of tone float all the way for me on this one! - great sound, very
Tom Budden - “Very nice! Club mix will be good for end of night. WIll try out Mill as well. thanks.
Matteo Esse (Analog People In A Digital World) - “Listened to it at my house a couple of months
ago with the boys and really liked it. All mixes are very well produced and full of harmonic vibes but
my favourite track is "Tone Float (Club Mix)"
Aldrin - “Particles is a very cool, deep dubby ride with intricate hypnotic bleeps”
Danny Stott - “Quality production on all the tracks, particles is my favourite. A little too far on the
techy side for my taste but quality stuff all the same”
Nico De Ceglia - “Nice one, I like the contrast between original and club mix”
Maros Glaubic (music is everything) - “like the mill, it's simple and moving ... not much of
unnecessary sounds”
Spin Science - “Nice tunes, feelin the original!”
Oliverio (soundexile) - “great tracks!!! Tone Float is a name to watch.
Tone Float have a new fan: Oliverio”

Magma Playlist (Italy) - May 2009
Juska Wendland (Radio 1, Finland) - “Tone Float's club mix builds up beautifully, very inspiring
stuff! Thanks!”

M8 Mag Confirmed

Shawn Mitiska ( - “As I'm listening now the 'Tone Float (Club Mix)' is excellent!!!
Also enjoying 'Mill', quite qwerky. Solid package by quite an interesting / unique producer.